A message from CCCE Chairman Dennis Houston

Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2019 for you and your chamber of commerce! As we each reflect on 2018 and look ahead to 2019, it is important to build a strong foundation for your chamber organizational success. Much of that starts with two questions: What do we stand for as a chamber? Are we impacting our community?

10 Reasons to Join Your Chamber of Commerce

  1. To strengthen the local economy by attracting jobs and helping existing companies expand.
  2. To grow the economic pie so that your slice gets bigger.
  3. To gain customers:  studies* show that consumers are much more likely to buy from a company they think is a chamber member….

Top 10 Things to do January 2019

#1 Take a look at your bylaws. Are they up to date? Really read them and check to see if you have the correct language for your current board, committees, dues structure, voting structures, etc.
#2 Update your Board of Directors page on your website.
#3 Update your Committee Listings on your website and any other Boards/Commissions….

Benchmarking National Chamber Trends by AACE

ACCE members have access 24/7 to Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking (DCB), a powerful survey system that allows you to select your peer comparison group and generate dynamic reports on chamber revenue, expenses, membership stats, retention, market penetration, as well as HR data, including salary and compensation info on a variety of chamber staff positions.