A message from CCCE Chairman Dennis Houston

As the 2018-2019 State Chair of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce Executives (CCCE), I’d like to say welcome to CCCE 2.0! This is the year that we are taking YOUR association to a whole new level. We will be an incredible partner for you and your local chamber for industry education, professional resources and networking.

A message from CCCE Past-Chair Chris Romer

As you likely know, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce Executives (CCCE) is an organization of local chamber executives whose purpose is to improve the professionalism of chambers, provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. Collaboration is vital to chamber organizations, and CCCE provides the forum for chamber groups across the state to work together, build our networks, and build our professional skills in an affordable and effective way.

Many CCCE members are the leading advocacy voice for businesses in their communities

A controversy was sparked in August of 2016 when all 30+ of Boulder’s local brewers, vintners and distillers received a letter from the City of Boulder’s Finance Department informing them that local manufacturers and wholesalers of alcohol were subject to a $3,000 Liquor Occupancy Tax. The Liquor Occupancy Tax had been unenforced since 1974, but was discovered as part of a recent review of the City’s tax code. 

Benchmarking National Chamber Trends by AACE

ACCE members have access 24/7 to Dynamic Chamber Benchmarking (DCB), a powerful survey system that allows you to select your peer comparison group and generate dynamic reports on chamber revenue, expenses, membership stats, retention, market penetration, as well as HR data, including salary and compensation info on a variety of chamber staff positions. 

Meet Andrea Stewart, Executive Director of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

Andrea joined the Carbondale Chamber 2008, and was appointed the Executive Director in 2012.
The biggest challenge Andrea faced was coming into Executive Director position in her 20s. Although fully-qualified for the position, she felt she had to work harder and smarter to prove she was the right fit for the position.